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EXPO 2018

   09 - 11 May , 2018 | KHOBAR, KSA
Dhahran Expo
04:00 : 10:00 PM

About GoGet Franchise Expo

Franchise is one of the modern tools for the growth, expansion and diffusion of brands for small and medium enterprises. The major countries have taken this trend since the 1960s, and to this day have had tremendous positive impact on the balance of payments of their countries and added value in the diversification of their economies.

Saudi Arabia has interacted with Franchise since the 1970s, attracting the most successful franchises in the retail sector in all its categories. The Saudi retail sector is also promoting Saudi small investors to innovate and create brands at the same level of foreign brands. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Al-Sherifian that the emergence of Saudi trademarks comes because of friction with foreign signs, was the initiative of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz in opening the door to foreign investment in the retail sector 100% when he took office, Saudi investors in developing their business according to the Franchise model efficiently and effectively.

The GoGet Franchise is the true response to this labor and the strong demand for understanding the culture of Franchise in the right scientific and professional form. Businessmen, academics, consultants and interested people gather under one roof to develop a road map for Saudi Franchise in particular and the Arab in general.


Platform of Consultants

Platform of Consultants is The meeting will be attended by companies and franchisees to develop a legal operational model for the brand. There will be special meetings with banks and finance companies to provide support solutions and feasibility studies, as well as the Development and Investment Authority in Eastern Province to present investment opportunities to investors.


Why You Should Attend The International Franchise Expo

  1. To promote the Franchise industry, which is consistent with the Kingdom's direction of national transformation according to the vision of 2030.

  2. Open the way for investors and young entrepreneurs to gain local and global opportunities.

  3. An opportunity for national brands to spread within and outside the Kingdom.

  4. To take care of the awareness of Franchise through the presentation of workshops and dialogues.

  5. An opportunity to exchange business through the presence of donors of brands and investors

  6. Presentation of successful experiences in the field of franchises to benefit from their expertise.

  7. Opportunity to meet companies operating systems for the implementation of franchises.

About Franchise
Why Attend

Participated Sectors 

  • Restaurants

  • Services

  • Grocery

  • Cars

  • Perfumes & Make-up

  • Jewelery &Accessories

  • Leather Shoes & Bags

  • Clothing

  • Banks

  • Health & Fitness & Beauty

  • Real Estate

  • Government Agencies 

  • Computers, office machines and supplies

  • Electronics and mobiles 

  • Manufacturing

  • Advertisement and media services

  • Entertainment and Leisure

  • Home Based Business

  • Educations

  • Retail

  • Hotel and Resorts

Participated Sectors

About 3Dimensions

Three Dimensions Is one of the leading Foundations in the industry of meetings, event management, event organization , Exhibitions and festivals  , It was established in the Eastern Province of Dammam And has achieved great success at the level of the Gulf States and has formed a wide range of partners through the implementation of projects of distinctive quality in terms of ideas or diversity .

Services :

  • Organization of exhibitions and event management 

  • E-marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • Design and programming services for websites and applications.

  • Media production services.

  • Advertising services .

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